Bye Bye
Gastracker is shooting down its services
Gastracker was the first project launched to support Ethereum Classic. It allowed the first users to see their balances and transactions, for miners and exchanges to do business on Ethereum Classic, and, most importantly, learn that Ethereum Classic is alive after The DAO fork. It was the most critical element of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem for the past years, but time passes, and now it's time to sunset the service.
We're very sorry to close the doors, but the project has always been a volunteering project of Igor Artamonov to help ETC, and it didn't receive any external financing or support. It's costly to operate such service, not even taking into account the development and maintenance costs. In the current situation, the service cannot continue its work and has to shut down.

To avoid any inconvenience for our users and partners who use Gastracker to check their balance or to verify a transaction, we are redirecting such traffic to the Emerald Receipt project, which provided such information for ETC, as well as ETH.
A user friendly alternative to block explorer. Get the status of a transaction or balance of an address. Supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tether, and Dai stablecoins.
Non-custodial multiplatform desktop cryptocurrency wallet. Works on Windows, Macos, and Linux. It supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tether, and Dai as well
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